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Conservatory Blinds Newport

Conservatory blinds are amongst the most complicated products that are offered on the market today. This is simply because conservatories come in many shapes and sizes and whilst some shapes and types of blinds are standard, it is more often the case that the conservatory manufacturer has made something specific and needs very careful measurement to make absolutely certain that the blinds that are fitted are measured and manufactured properly and do the job that they are designed to do, all year round.


Conservatories can and do get hot in summer and can be cold in winter. Of course this depends on the quality, style and design of the conservatory; however conservatory blinds need to have thermal properties as well as managing the light and air flow through the building.

We offer a range of different fabric finishes including very specialised pearlised coatings that reflect both light and heat. We have a range of blinds available to suit every conceivable conservatory roof style and the conservatory blinds have the following features:

Wand Operated Conservatory Blinds

Wand operated conservatory blinds. This makes the opening and closing of the blinds simplicity itself, as often conservatories can have quite high ceilings and therefore not easy to reach, particularly if you don't have full mobility. The wand makes the job easier for you and saves lots of stress and anxiety.

Easy tensioning system
With a conservatory it is very important that blinds tension properly and fit snugly over every single pane of the conservatory roof structure or wall. Blinds that don't fit snugly look terrible, don't function properly and even worse, don't perform properly in terms of how they perform with light and also heat. Having a tensioning system means that the appearance of the blinds is better, the fabric is naturally stretched a little over the pane that the blinds are measured to fit. Light exclusion is maintained at the most optimum level and heat retained within the building. There is also an added insulating effect when blinds tension properly as the building is more effectively insulated.

Conservatory Blinds Colour Choices

The vast majority of conservatories available in the UK are made from UPVC in white or brown. We offer conservatory blinds in white or brown shades as standard to match or contrast with the building structure.

Complementary Fabrics
Whether you want to go for an all over look with blinds in the same colour throughout or you want to mix and match then we can offer you the perfect choice to match the scheme and look that you want to achieve. Just call and set up an appointment and we will pop over and show you the ranges that we have to offer. There's sure to be something that will fit your needs.

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